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2018 Canton Fair (10.31-11.04)

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Canton Fair is short for China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. Our company attend this fair on 31. Oct to 04.Nov.

 The flow of people is huge, we are quite busy in the whole morning. Let's look at our finished booth photos.


We have brought many kinds of cork products, cork bags , cork caps , cork shoes and cork belts. In the following future, we will develop some new furniture and kitchen products made by cork.

We have met our customers from all over the world, many of our customers said amazing to our products, some was the the first time to see the finished cork products at Canton Fair.


新秀丽设计师 洽谈图

Many clients adore this one, kG- 8.

Returning to the original intention of nature, which gives us full imagination designers, cork materials give full play to the effect, combined with high-quality arts and crafts, was born in this bag.  

KG-8 正面


                                Many Japanese clients like this briefcase. This is our latest products.  



          Wow, Handsome and delicate products, right?

Hoping for your inquiry, we are always here to look forward for your good news.




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