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5 interesting facts about soft girl bags

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5 interesting facts about soft girl bags

 When purchasing a beautiful cork handbag, you probably know you're buying an eco-friendly product which is both classy and durable. But there are a few other interesting facts about cork, that you might not know.

cork bag

We at kaoge summed up some cork facts for you.

1. Where cork comes from

Portugal and a few other Mediterranean and North American countries are the main suppliers of cork. Local Fair-trade farmers know how to farm and produce their cork in an eco-friendly way that results in beautiful cork products like our cork clutches and bags.

2. Cork comes from the Cork Oak

When the Cork Oak reaches certain measurements and age ( can be up to 25 years!)  the bark has the quality that is needed to make certain products like our cork bags here at kaoge.

The cork bark has to dry in the open air for another 6 months before it will get sorted and divided in thickness and quality.

After this, the cork will get processes so it will become more flexible and can be cut into thin pieces to be used for textile to make products like our cork clutches.

3. Cork is multifunctional

Cork is a unique material. It's light, strong, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and you can not only make beautiful cork clutches from it, but also shoes, corks, accessories and even floors.

4. Cork is a sustainable product

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak ( Quercus Suber ) which can be harvested without taking the tree down, and it will even grow back after approximately nine years.

During the process, there is almost zero to none waste to the environment as they use the cork waste for wine bottle cork

Cork products can last a long time and when they come to an end they can be recycled too, so they never really go to waste.

There are no animals and forests harmed in farming cork and by keeping the cork oak alive, it doesn't have any negative effects on the environment.

5. Cork changes in the long run

Just like leather, throughout time, cork can change a bit in colour




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