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Bag for small girls

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Bag for small girls

This year, the trend of bags is getting bigger and bigger, and one is getting smaller and smaller. But as a small star, it really likes the current trend of small bags.

1. Pack small shape

cork bag

Compared to big bags, the shape of the small bag is stronger. And because the size of the bag is small, even if the shape of the bag is special, or the color is super bright, it will not feel too glaring. Whether we are black or white, a bright little bag can instantly make us shine, and the small size, even if the color is full, looks no pressure, very cute.

For our little girl, the packet is much more friendly than the big bag. Because the small size of the small bag, so whether we are slanting it on the chest as a chest bag, or lying on the waist to make a pocket is very beautiful, small body is easy to give people a sense of exquisite, will not feel tired, will not Pull down the center of gravity. It’s also very high when you take it in your hand. With a small bag as a reference, it is also easier to look slim, and it will never be pressed.

2. Less personal belongings

There is also a reason why "the bags are getting smaller and smaller, but everyone can accept it" because our belongings are becoming less and less. With the advancement of technology, basically the mobile phone incorporates the functions of the previous things, bringing the mobile phone out, we no longer need to bring a wallet, card package, or even PAD! Basically, now whether you are taking a taxi or taking a bus, whether you are going out to buy food, buy clothes, or reply to an email, we can all get it on the phone! I used to bring a lot of things, but now we have a mobile phone.

In this case, we have a lot of personal belongings. For girls, the main items are lipsticks, keys, paper towels and mobile phones. Some people use them frequently because they are used frequently. It won't be put in the bag, so the bag can of course get smaller and smaller! As long as you don't go to work or go out, you basically don't use big bags. The small bags are convenient and beautiful, and they are enough.




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