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Bag maintenance knowledge

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Bag maintenance knowledge

The name is the door life, exquisite and perfect body, she decided the rare and precious texture - "Bag" Miss, from the first day into the field of vision, should enjoy high treatment. 

I don't know how many women are passionate about the LOGO on the famous handbags and crazy about the limited edition handbags.But the women who love the bag know how to take care of the luxury goods in their hands? From daily care to regular beauty, taking care of the "package" lady is as careful and refined as the women themselves.

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Daily care is very important

Very often, the bag becomes dirty, discolored or worn (a basic type of component failure), not caused by excessive use of the time, and may be caused only by the lack of attention during our use. People who love the package will definitely have some experience in this area, knowing what issues should be paid attention to when using the bag.


1. If your hands are prone to sweating, it is best to use your arm or shoulder bag as much as possible, and use your hand to pack the bag, otherwise the sweat will easily leave dirt on the handle of the bag.

2. When storing sharp items in the bag, be sure to package the sharp items completely and then put them. And those items that are cut and damaged, it is best not to put them in the bag. Do not harden or put heavy items, otherwise the bag will be deformed or damaged.

3. When locking the lock of the bag, do not mix foreign objects in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the bag.

4. Do not stick labels or adhesive tape on the bag, which will easily peel off the skin when it is pulled off.

5. Try to avoid the handbag from rubbing frequently with the denim fabric because it will easily stain.




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