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Our company was established in September 2017. The product is made from cork, which is not only environmentally friendly but also recyclable.
Cork is composed of many flat cells, which arrange in radiation. The cell cavity contains resin and tannin compounds and it is filled with air. This structure let softwood has good elasticity, sealing, heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical insulation and rubbing resistance. What’s more, it is non-toxic, odorless, light-weight, soft, and apyrous. Until now, there are still no other comparable artificial products.

About us

At present, our company's main products are bags.
We make full use of the characteristics of cork to design the bags. Each of them is the embodiment of art and beauty. Through bags, the personality of each person is intepreted.
With the perfect combination of cork, cloth, metal and other materials, you will find different beauty of our softwood bags from each angle.
We attach great importance to every detail of our bags inside and out. We meet the extent of our manufacturing process to create the extreme beauty of our bags.
In addition to the variety of bag shapes, the materials are also varied. The company has its own softword factory, which is remarkable from the processing to molding.


KAOGE originates from the transliteration of word "cork". It also conveys the meaning of “exquisite” and “stylish”. Cork, a kind of special bark produced in the Mediterranean area, China, etc. Made from cork, our products are authentic and enviromental-friendly, because them are made from nature but not cause damage to nature. They are the crafts, which combine natural spirit and designing authenticity. They are natural, enviromental-friendly, recyclable, delicate and fashionable, presented to people who love them. The material is collected without cutting the tree. We can save more trees to purifying the air, and at the same time protect forest, where elf inhabit. By turn, we people and nature can reach a stable balance.
We get benefit from nature and by presenting to the bag lovers, we repay nature. The eternal balance comes.
The process of growing back its cork
requires the free to store CO2 and cork oak trees are second only to
the rain forest as far as how much
carbon dioxide they remove from the air.
Considering the current issues with
green house gases if the harvesting stops,
so do we!
We believe that in order to feel good,
you need to surround yourself with things
that are worthy of feeling good about.
A+ Kaoge,
we strive to provide you with stylish,
hig-end products that have a positive impact
on both the environment and economy
Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree which then regrows making cork
one of the most sustainable products in the world.
The fabric is made by taking layers of cork and sealing it to a cotton fabric
using silicone which is water and srain resistant and extremely durable.
We believe in supporting nature,and letting it shine though in our unique material.
Our products are designed to fit into amodern lifestyle,
while nodding towards the trends of time.

Natural Sophistication

We believe in supporting nature,and letting it shine though in our unique material.
Our products are designed to fit into a modern lifestyle,
while nodding towards the trends of time.


Sustainability is the cornerstone of our brand.
From how our materials are sourced,to how we practice business,
sustainable cations that support a healthy Earth is at the core of everything we do.

Affordable Luxury

Tired of big brand markups,we set out to create an online-first,
premium handbag brand.
By cutting out the retail model,we're able to provide beautiful,
high quality products at fair prices.




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