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Can cork still keep in good health?

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Can cork still keep in good health?

 Tree therapy is the use of trees for healing. The use of trees for healing is widespread among the people, and there are examples in medicine.

According to Indian yoga,trees can transmit a substance from the universe to humans. Different species have different energies. Some help to restore energy, some anti-inflammatory, some disease prevention. The oak tree lifts spirits, the spruce absorbs bad energy, the pine transmits good, and the bark of the aspen cures toothache. A Russian dictionary says: "when your feet hurt, put the cottonwood on them; Put it on your head when you have a headache.


Among the transmissions are oak, birch and pine. Oak tree and birch can make the immune system of chronic patients play a role in the treatment of a variety of arthritis, adjust blood pressure, the treatment of the autonomic nervous system disorder. Oak trees also improve brain activity. Birch cures colds. Pine tree, linden tree, apple tree and ash tree improve the human body tension and disease resistance, eliminate fatigue.

Quercus variabilis is a kind of oak, cork is old and natural green environmental protection material, with perfect properties, can improve human survival environment, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, adjust the person's psychological feeling, can prolong the life of human, has the health care, sterilization, insect repellent, activate cells, absorb ultraviolet light, relieve fatigue, and other functions.

Visual effect: wood texture beautiful, color diversity, and can effectively absorb harmful ultraviolet rays to human eyes, therefore, make people comfortable, healthy vision.

Tactile contact with cork, soon approaching constant temperature, soft and appropriate, flexible, give people a good tactile and slow state of life.

Olfactory effect: the fen duojing that lumber releases (a kind of material that releases by the plant, have antibacterial effect, can purify air, reduce pollution, make breath smooth, spirit exuberant, achieve sober effect) with anion (air vitamin) tower above than reinforced concrete hundreds of times.

Some of these gases can sterilize, kill insects, some can cheer up the spirit, some can calm the nerves, health care effect on human health.

Moreover, wood brings people the feeling of natural affinity, which cannot be replaced by any kind of building materials. Abroad thinks: wooden structure house suits mankind to live most. Astronauts returning to earth from space are required to recuperate in wooden buildings or nursing homes.




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