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Case One

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Case One:

After the Tokyo fashion world show in 2018, our customer urgently demanded 4 samples, a total of 11 bags, because the bag will get advertised in a magazine soon. He asked us to deliver within 15 days. However, it usually takes 30 days for molding. It seems that it is unlikely to meet his demand, because he chose a special material without any inventory.


Our Solution: 

I was so worried about the customer would miss this great opportunity. I immediately a meeting, participated by the managers from designing, raw materials supplying, production, logistics and other departments. Finally, the customer received the sample the day before the deadline. Our customer was very grateful that the quality of the sample was better than the one presented in the exhibition.


The company regards integrity as the foundation of our business and respects all parties working with us, including customers, employees, partners, suppliers and social groups. Integrity as the company's principle, we do business with sincerity and credit. We pursue excellence, improve and innovate continuously, to achieve a win-win ourcome for the company and its customers.


Customer evaluation: 

French customers said that they loved our products and they were comparable to brand.




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