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Compassion in Fashion Forum and Show

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Compassion in Fashion Forum and Show

Kaoge was invited to attend Action Asia event for compassion fashion forum which was held in Shanghai, China, listening and discussing the current and future sustainable fashion industry. How can our relationship with nature be better and symbiotic.


The founder and CEO of Action Asia, Ms. Su Peifen,

Director of Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion, Ms. Dilys Williams,

Associate Dean of the School of Design and Technology at London College of Fashion, Mr. John Lau,

Executive Vice Dean of Shanghai International College of Fashion& Innovatioan(SCF) at Donghua University,Jun Lee

Founder of Sans Beast, Cathryn Wills

 visited the site and served as the guest speaker.


Ms. Dilys Williams said everything in fashion coms from nature. It comes to life through imagination and labour. Our whole team highly agreed. We need a fashion system that has an ecological heart, a  socially coscious mind, a culturally diverse body and an economy forms the muscle that enables it to move in flow.


Kaoge has officially joined the Fur Free Alliance and signed a Fur Free Guarantee Statement, solemnly pledge to use no fur for any product.

Exquisite life should not be related with animal fur, and the protection of the environment and the love of animals are the minimum embodiment of modern civilization.

承诺书 扫描件

We brought our unique, nature, sustainable cork prodocut to the forum. We focus on “You, Me and Enviroment”, making our efforts to transform the smart lifestyle we advocate into practical and experiential products and affect people's rethinking of a return to nature and a sustainable attitude towards life!





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