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Cork has a history other than wine corks

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Cork has a history other than wine corks

Cork painting, also known as cork carving, wood painting. Folk carving crafts. Mainly produced in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. It is a kind of "carving", "painting" combination of handicrafts. The tone is simple, fine carving, image is true, good at reproducing China's ancient pavilions, garden scenery, painting poetry, make people look as if they are immersive. The raw material for making cork paintings is mainly cork eucalyptus trees from Spain, Portugal and Arab places in Europe.

cork painting

The use of relief, round carving, through carving and other techniques, finely carved into flowers and trees pavilions, bridge boat and figures, and then used grass as white cranes, peacocks, elk and other birds and beasts, according to the screen design, glued to the lining paper, the preparation of the establishment, semi-three-dimensional wood painting, installed in the glass frame, become a unique style of art. Among them, learn from the Chinese garden "frame scene" approach, composition novel and chic, clear screen level, color simple and elegant. Content mostly reflects the mountain light water color, places of interest and flower saffron fish, there are more than 200 specifications, more than 400 varieties of color. Skilled, realistic form, and has the advantages of light, non-deformation, non-glue, anti-corrosion and so on. Some people at home and abroad put it with the tire paint, Shoushan stone carving as Fuzhou craft "three treasures." Fuzhou cork painting has more than 500 varieties of color, products are exported to 39 countries and regions, some products displayed in the capital of the Great Hall of the People Fujian Hall.

How to make cork paintings:

The raw material for making cork paintings is mainly cork eucalyptus trees from Spain, Portugal and Arab places in Europe. Cork has the advantages of impermeable, impermeable water, chemical effect, but also has the light and soft texture, not flammable, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and elastic, has a fine natural pattern, pure color characteristics.

In order to cut the cork into different thin pieces, in the past hundred years cork artists invented, produced a lot of tools for the art of the art, large and small count up to dozens of kinds. Cork painting seems to be just a relaxed desk craft, can be done really not easy, such as a building, windows, tweezers, columns, etc. are as fine as hair, dense roof tile is less than one centimeter, and pine pine shimiganitus is fine hair.

The production of cork painting, to go through the selection, engraving, stitching, packaging and other processes. Cork painting in the use of "small view of the big" art, "hundreds of miles, all in a box." Products have plane relief multi-level wall hanging, double-sided stand-through screen and so on. Recently in the appreciation of cork painting and lacquer painting on the creation of a colorful vase wood painting, tobacco wood painting, large screen, surround screen, hanging and other varieties.




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