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Cork in chanel again in 2019?

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Cork in chanel again in 2019?

Cork is soft natural, green environmental protection, can change according to time, maintain proper temperature, can build a comfortable and cheerful atmosphere. One of Portugal's most distinctive natural products, it has quietly become a part of everyday life.


Wine stoppers made from cork are well known, but cork can also be made into many other items, such as fashion accessories, footwear, furniture, floor or wall decorations. Recent cork fabrics invention innovated the development prospect of cork industry, highlighted the quality that cork is talked about most, that is its are durable, general, recyclable, low send sensitive, and have the idiosyncratic such as warmth and maintain natural timbre. In addition, the processing process of cork finished product is very simple also.

Because this is early, 100 years ago, cork has been used by the stylist of partial brilliant to make sundy furniture. In addition, because cork is having unique woodiness grain and having the texture that is like chamois, and the favour of fashionable stylist. 

So in today's fashion world, from Badgley Mischka to Jimmy Choo, from hats to handbags to belts to shoes, you can see its natural look.These fashion goods that make by cork are welcomed by consumer. Especially the shoe that makes by cork, not only lightsome, and have shock absorption function, plus cork distinctive grain and other fittings can form quite interesting collocation, make cork shoe shine brilliantly without exception.

Chanel 2019 spring and summer series show on various styles have appeared, and cork shoes with its natural environmental protection and set multi-functional in one of the powerful characteristics, to create a advocating natural fashion style.

CHANEL spring/summer 2019 collection was recently released at the "beach" show in Paris, which attracted a lot of attention with cork sandals displayed by models. With its unique natural texture and color, it stands out among many other materials.

Cork has good flexibility and insulation sex, use in sole and vamp very comfortable and soft, add its lightsome quality of a material, outside reducing the pressure burden of the foot, increased the comfortable of foot feeling, alleviate crural ministry fatigue, let you enjoy its comfortable lightsome.

Actually cork besides can make cork shoe outside still can make cork bag, cork mobile phone case, cork handicraft is waited a moment.




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