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Environmental protection starts with cork

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Environmental protection starts with cork

As an ordinary person, although we can not launch environmental protection projects like a country or large enterprises, but we can start from a young age, slowly change our own consumption habits, buy and use more natural environmentally friendly products to replace those in the production process will harm the environment.

As a bark of cork, cork, renewable and recyclable. Large complete bark can be made of natural cork plugs, the rest of the material can also be broken into cork particles to make micro-particles cork, accessories, sporting goods, furniture and decorative materials and even aviation materials, cork dust can also be used as fuel, can be said to be the best use, not waste yo

Environmental protection starts with cork

For the cork bark itself, the peeling of the cork (bark) does not harm the tree itself, and the cork is still renewable after peeling;

For the earth, a patchof thorade can absorb a large amount of greenhouse gases, alleviate global warming and provide habitat for many plants and animals, promoting ecological balance;

For humans, cork products are permeated into every aspect of life: cork guard wine, cork shoes waterproof and non-slip, cork home decoration anti-seismic soundproofing, cork bag wear-resistant ...

Environmental protection starts with cork1

Green, low carbon has become the theme of the times, respect for nature, environmental protection is the premise of sustainable development of all walks of life, but also corporate social responsibility. For the construction industry, the use of cork as a recyclable environmentally friendly material is also an inevitable choice.

Environmental protection starts with cork2

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