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Fashion can also be "sustainable", Kaoge takes you back to the original intention of nature

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Reject animal leather, KAOGE leads the new green fashion

Nowadays, the development of the times is too fast, and the pressure and noise of urban life are increasing day by day. We are looking forward to pursuing a relaxed and natural lifestyle, and this pursuit of ease and simplicity has also affected all aspects of our lives. In the fashion industry, "simplification" has gradually replaced the once complicated and fancy fashion styles, leading the mainstream aesthetic.


In addition to simplicity, environmental protection is also an important theme of today's society. Under this background, we want to find a renewable, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free material, coupled with a simplified design approach, to conform to the trend of green development. . KAOGE is an independent design brand of cork, which explores the possibilities of a fashion and lifestyle.


The vast majority of handbags on the market are made of animal leather or chemical fiber materials. While being fashionable, it has caused a bad environmental impact. And behind a beautiful bag may be the life of a cute little animal. As a sustainable fashion brand, KAOGE uses a large number of artificially planted oak bark, or cork, on the Mediterranean coast. Portugal is the world's largest producer of cork. There is a popular saying here-"If you care about their grandchildren, plant an oak tree". Why?

Cork can be said to be a gift from nature. As a natural renewable resource, cork can be regenerated naturally after harvesting. Oak trees will only begin to pick bark for the first time after 25 to 30 years of growth. In this process Did not cut down or cause damage to trees. After the first picking, it will be picked again every 9 years. It can not only better protect the growth of various animals and plants in the forest, purify the environment, but also provide high-quality raw materials for the original production of Kaoge handbags.


Kaoge advocates that exquisite life has nothing to do with animal fur. The protection of the environment and animals is unchanging adherence. Fashion can also be "sustainable" and can return to the simple and pure origin of life. The design style of Kaoge's handbags is very simple and atmospheric. The classic checkered pattern, solid color, stitching, and other fashion elements are cleverly combined with cork, exuding more fashion possibilities and fashion charm. For example, the cork geometric chain bag originally designed by Kaoge is a very classic style. The geometric lattice stitching retains the unique texture and color of cork and is combined with the golden chain, which is generous and special.


In the process of making handbags, Kaoge is different from the mass production of industry. In order to maintain the characteristics of environmentally friendly natural materials, Kaoge insists on using plant fuels and a fire-roasting process. Because cork does not absorb color, high-temperature fire is required. The process of baking the natural color change of the material can be said to be very unique.

Each handbag of Kaoge is the original idea of the designer, and the craftsmen through the exquisite craftsmanship, through the unique physical methods such as countless cutting, screening, baking and discoloration, handmade parquet, and other unique crafts The craftsman spirit is integrated into the fabric, and only then has the exquisite and charming Kaoge handbags.


The use of cork to make simple and fashionable handbags is a way to ingeniously combine emerging materials with fashion. It is also Koge’s interpretation of sustainable fashion. What he wants to convey is a high-quality, textured Beauty, and the original intention of returning to nature.




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