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Fashionable women's bags with different seasons

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Fashionable women's bags with different seasons

Fashion is the element of life that all beauty women pursue.

A good fashion bag can highlight a woman's personality and temperament, and enhance a woman's taste and status. According to different occasions, the matching of bags is not the same. Daily leisure and work, banquet and other occasions need to use different styles of bags.

In the workplace, want to create a perfect white-collar image of the workplace, not only for the clothing mix, the bag is also an important item that can not be ignored. Relatively dressed, the workplace bag not only has to be good-looking, but also practical to install. For the elite of the workplace, the bag that goes to work is absolutely sloppy, and it shows the status of the workplace and personal taste.

So, how do you choose the most suitable workplace bag? How do you choose the most suitable workplace bag?

Bag matching skills 1: simple and sturdy large bag

For example, lawyers, consultants, etc., who often need a lot of documents, the first choice is a large bag that can hold A4 paper.

Cork Handmade Handbag

Like this large capacity, it can carry a lot of files while protecting the files.

If you don't need to put so many files in the bag, the medium bag that just fits the phone, charging treasure, lipstick, powder and paper towels is the most suitable. In the workplace, the exquisite and small trumpet bag will be incompetent and impractical. The lines are clear, the design is simple and the medium bag is the best choice.

cork bag

Like this one, there is a very simple patch pocket design that can be removed and used as a handbag. It is also suitable for putting some small things, which is very intimate.




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