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How cork bags are made from cork?

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How cork bags are made from cork?

To produce high-quality cork bags requires a lot of time and effort, advanced technology and professional skills. And in the production process, in addition to the production of that moment, the treatment of the early cork and the subsequent finishing is equally important.

cork bags

Cooking is one of the first and most important steps in the industrial production process of cork packs. All cork scinated and, regardless of the subsequent use, need to be first dipped in boiling water for cooking.

The cork slotted into a high-tech stainless steel tank undergoes a boiling process of at least one hour. The aim is to clean the cork, significantly reduce the number of parasitic microbiomes in the pores, and enable the cork to achieve the desired humidity for processing.

During this process, the gas in the cork cells begins to expand, and the cork structure gradually becomes standardized, while the volume increases by about 20%.

When the cork is rinsed out, it is also trimmed to make its surface more uniform and smooth, while ensuring that the final surface feels smooth and fits with the skin's texture. The cork handbag is then purified and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide.




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