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How to choose the right hiking shoes?

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How to choose the right hiking shoes?

Here's a look at the difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes:

(1) High help mountain climbing, low help hiking. Hiking shoes are high-gang design, can protect our ankles in uneven road conditions from sprains;

(2) The material of the sole is different. Climbing shoes are hard soles, and wear resistance and grasping is better, basically have anti-stabbing and anti-zonfunction function, the middle has the function of anti-seismic design. Hiking shoes are generally soft sole design, more suitable for walking in the city. (3) Shoe difference. Climbing shoes onthe material is more wear-resistant, and the shape of the shoe and the shape of the foot is more consistent, the upper site is not easy to deform under pressure, can prevent foot injury. And hiking shoes are generally leather, nylon face, leather face more, than climbing shoes to be softer than the upper softer, wear more comfortable, suitable for long-term wear.

If you want to ask whether hiking shoes are good or hiking shoes?

hiking shoes

This is not easy to answer, because different sports have different specific needs for shoes. Imagine, in the gym treadmill exercise but wear high-help waterproof hiking shoes what it is like? If there are hiking activities must not be afraid of trouble, try to bring hiking shoes and hiking shoes. Because the mountain conditions vary greatly, wearing hiking shoes for long periods of time is also a heavy burden on the feet, so when the road conditions are better, wearhiking shoes can make the feet protected and relaxed. Outdoor activities are also divided into types, if you just carry out a short hike, no mountain road or mountain road is relatively flat, do not wade into the water and no large rain, then you can choose hiking shoes, or low-level hiking shoes, they generally have the basic characteristics of hiking shoes, there is a certain degree of waterproof. This kind of shoe selection is many, the price from dozens to thousands have, see your economic ability, if you go out less activities, choose the general can, but also have a benefit is that the daily activities in the city can also be worn. If you are a donkey friend, but also to participate in some medium-intensity and difficult outdoor activities, it is recommended that you also have a good quality high-quality hiking shoes. The main role of high-gang hiking shoes is to protect the feet and ankles, so focus on the upper material, sole material and pattern, require the upper material waterproof breathability is better (such as waterproof cowhide plus gotexe), the toe and around the protection to be in place, the ankle area is soft and hard moderate, both to protect the ankle and not too hard to wear the ankle, Shoes inside to be soft and hard to wear comfortable, soles as long as there is proper hardness and wear resistance, not slip.

So, according to the recommendations described above:

1, shoe size selection is very important. Shoes put on the feet, move a few more steps, to feel whether the feet are adapted, feel whether there is no stitching is not strict corner will rest on the foot. Shoe front and rear space should be suitable, should not be too small or too large. The front and rear space is too small, the toes will hold the front, so that the toes hurt, the space too big shoes easy to take off the feet. Generally speaking, a person after a day's activity, the foot will become swollen, so climbing shoes should choose to wear shoes one yard larger than usual. One experience is to choose a yard larger than the leather shoes you wear (e.g. the shoes you wear 41 every day, the hiking shoes choose 42) or the same size as the sneakers you wear. Remember ning can choose big absolutely can not choose small, large, can be in front of the pad some cotton, gauze and other soft things.

2. If the conditions permit, it is best to prepare two pairs, high and low help each one, grade depends on the individual's economic ability. If you don't wade in the water or don't have rain and snow medium price or even low-priced low-cost shoes can be. But if you want to wade into the water or rain and snow, we must choose a good waterproof shoes. The shoe tongue part is the weakest waterproof link, so be sure to carefully check when buying the shoe tongue design is tight enough, waterproof enough. "In the gentle wind and drizzle, stepping on a pair of wet shoes inside and outside are not in the mood outdoor, the main thing is that in the cold environment will speed up the process of unwarming caused by danger. In addition, the climbing will inevitably encounter a particularly humid environment, when the foot will be a little damp, which requires that good hiking shoes must have enough room for opening, even in very humid environment can still be easily worn off.

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