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How to store bags that cost a lot of money?

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How to store bags that cost a lot of money?

Many people circulate this word - there is nothing that the handbag can't solve, if there is one, then buy one. So how do we store the handbags we bought?

If have bag ark had better be enclosed those who take cupboard door is put rarely use, those who open mode does not take cupboard door is put commonly used, because bag ark and cloakroom are dust-free, bag is streaking when convenient collocation takes.

New material for bag

If there is no cabinet, please box it. Never treat your bag like a human being.

1. The principle of storage is to lie down rather than stand up

The best way to keep all bags is to lie flat. The most important rule of bag shape is that many bags are out of shape.

When lying flat, pay attention to the belt hardware and other things, not under the pressure, or when they wake up covered in indentation.

Some bags such as Dior, the logo of several hardware, lying down to take a soft cloth wrapped, otherwise a long time, there will be indentation ~

2. Don't just hang up

I used to be lazy. Once I got home, I hung the CELINE handbag on the hook and I forgot to take it off. Suddenly I saw that the body was pulled and completely deformed by the shoulder strap. The body was like two flying shoulders. From then on, I would never make a lazy bag again!

The position where the handbag is suspended will be deformed by force and the body will be deformed.

If you don't want to spend time on this, or don't have enough time to care for this bag, consider Kaoge's long shoulder strap cork bag....The bag is made of eco-friendly material cork, very personality, shoulder strap Long enough, self-weight is very light, On top of that, the likelihood of repetition is very low.

Lightweight and durable, it doesn't require fine care and is especially good for cleaning, whether it's casual or a little more formal.




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