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Replace leather with cork to protect animals from me

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Replace leather with cork to protect animals from me

In recent years, more and more animal hunting things were leaked, with the emergence of an animal conservationist, which forced many leather traders slowly no real leather sales, and many people like the kind of comfortable texture of leather, this time merchants began to have a headache, How can we satisfy the desire of consumers while reducing the production of killing stamps?

cork bags protect animals

One day, Melissa Evans, a foreign jewelry manufacturer, took inspiration from cork bags, making stylish bracelets out of cork and metal. Compared to leather, cork watches are more smooth and delicate and textured, and waterproof and well-treated, and more importantly, cork bark can be regenerated after being peeled, and the process of obtaining cork will not harm any plants and animals.

This makes many people who know the news began to make some with cork instead of leather bags of shoes and clothing, etc. , are more or less received a group of customers welcome, although now the cork industry has not yet fully entered into various scenes to use, But have to admit that it has begun to have a certain improvement and optimization of our lives, and very environmental protection, I believe that one day in the future, it will be widely used in the country, Infu cork and you look forward to this day!




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