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Seemingly clean cork package actually...

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Seemingly clean package actually...

Bags, bags follow people in and out of various occasions, however, many people ignore its hygiene, some people wipe the surface of the bag a year and a half of dirt, some people even never clean. Bags that stay away from the body all day may become a place to hide dirt and dirt after a period of use.

Bags are usually filled with items that need to be used frequently, such as keys, mobile phones, paper towels, which themselves carry a lot of bacteria and dirt; The hygiene on the surface of the bag is even worse, as many people place their bags on tables, chairs, window sills, and throw them on the couch when they get home, making them more susceptible to bacteria.

Therefore, carry-on bags should be cleaned regularly. Cork bags are simply easy to clean with clean water. If dirt is hard to remove from your handbag or backpack, you can gently wipe it with an eraser. Dirt at the seams can be removed with an old toothbrush. As for the cleaning inside the cork bag, you can turn the cloth out, brush the dirt in the side seams with a brush, and then use the soft cloth to extract the diluted neutral cleaner, dry the water, carefully wipe the cloth. After wiping it with detergent, then wipe it again with a dry cloth, then put it in a cool airy place to dry, take care not to bask in the sun. Because the bag can not be cleaned every day, usually pay attention not to put unclean things into the bag, easy to waste items and leakable liquid to be tightly packed and put in.

In addition, do not put bags and shoulder bags casually, it is best to hang it.

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