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What application does cork have in vogue?

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What application does cork have in vogue?

With fashion change faster and faster, the fashion industry bring adverse effects to the environment is also more and more attention by people, when it comes to environmental pollution, we may first think of industrial pollution, automobile exhaust, etc., but do you know, all our daily clothing package ACTS the role of the negative effects to the environment is also to be reckoned with. The booming development of fashion industry also accelerates the consumption of resources and environmental pollution.

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On the one hand, every link from the production to the sale of leather bags has a negative impact on the environment. Leather and fur processing industrial sewage is of complex composition and high concentration of pollutants, containing lime, dye, protein, salt, grease, ammonia nitrogen, sulfide, chromium salt and wool, leather residue, mud and sand and other harmful substances to the environment. The main pollutants include CODCr, BOD5, sulfide, ammonia nitrogen and trivalent chromium. In addition, because raw material leather (cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin) different, different processing technology, different finished leather (upper leather, clothing leather, sofa leather, luggage leather, etc.

On the other hand, with the trend changing faster and faster, compared with the past, the life of the bag is greatly shortened, everyone will buy the bag, even as long as a new product will go to buy, more and more unused bags at home

The Annalisa Queen is the face of moral fashion. She refuses to use animal fur and advocates using natural and artificial fabrics instead.

Designer Annalisa Queen chose and used large areas of soft wood for her first 'contrast' collection. Cork is a kind of natural material, apply in a variety of domains such as handicraft and aerospace. Cork, as an innovative material, is also used in the high-end fashion industry. Cork fabric is an epoch-making invention, and has been used in the creation of clothing and accessories. It is favored by markets seeking natural materials. Is a kind of anti - wear, waterproof, anti - fouling materials. In a word, soft wood is really excellent

Annalisa Queen's 12 ready-to-wear special collections are all paired with natural soft woods. "Contrast" series, through the artificial fabric and natural fabric collocation, tells a story of human destruction of nature. The contrast is mainly in colour, with most designs using winter colours and lightweight fabrics for summer. Ready-to-wear line cutting presents classic, simple style and USES innovative materials. Contrast is also reflected in the emphasis on the harmony between artificial materials and natural materials, such as python print environmentally friendly fabrics with natural soft wood. The colors chosen by Annalisa Queen for ready-to-wear tend to be natural and consist of one or more colors. Soft shades such as aqua green, dark pink, and ice blue are paired with warm colors such as wine red or orange. The contrast daytime collection consists of a skirt, trousers and matching top, shirt and hat. Evening dress includes a red evening dress, which can be transformed into a cocktail dress. Designer Annalisa Queen also created accessories that echo the ready-to-wear collections. Handbags and bracelets are decorated with matching colors and corks. Annalisa Queen's spring/summer 2018 "contrast" collection is classic and full of surprises.




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