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What cork needs to go through to become a product

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What cork needs to go through to become a product

The production process of cork is very rigorous, the bark has gone through a series of "experience" process before being processed into a finished product:

Peeling: Experienced and professional skills are the most basic technical requirements of the first process, where peelers determine the method of peeling based on the shape of each trunk and then use the best tailoring to obtain the best quality cork bark.

What cork needs to go through to become a product

Air-drying: Before the cork bark is transported to the factory for sorting and processing, it is transported to the storage area. The cork bark should be placed outdoors and dried under natural conditions for 10-20 months to stabilize its humidity and cell structure.

Cooking: After the cork bark is dried, put it in a stainless steel container filled with hot water soaked, its cooking technique is quite sophisticated, premature boiling may cause damage to the quality of cork;

Although this means increasing the cost of heat for producers, it is only in this way to ensure the best quality of the cork for the cork raw materials, while the cork is constantly cleaned, eliminating all substances that can lead to contamination of the cork.

Crushing: In addition to the part of the cork harvest of 25 to 60 per cent (this figure is based on the location and conditions of the forest) suitable for crushing, the remainder of the production of natural cork products is also used for crushing. The quality of polymerized cork products depends mainly on the cork particles used in them. It is important to classify the density, gravity and size of these cork particles because they directly affect the quality of the final product.




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