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What is a fashion sustainable leather bag?

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What is a fashion sustainable leather bag?

Is there a purse that can harm the environment? As the environment deteriorates, people are increasingly calling for environmental protection. The voice of sustainable development is getting higher and higher, and sustainable leather bags are also developing. However, whether vegan leather is ethical, Continuous selection? Or just wrapping the plastic in a new package, pretending to be sustainable leather?


Buying fake leather can actually reduce direct damage to animals, but it may transfer damage to other places.

Currently, most artificial leathers (or "leather", usually interchangeably used) contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a versatile plastic that essentially requires permanent decomposition and is highly corrosive to plants. People who focus on animal welfare are particularly concerned with the biomagnification trend of PVC, which means that as PVC extends in the food chain, the impact on wildlife will increase.

This is a sustainable material used in this test - cork

How does cork bag achieve sustainable development?

Cork is 100% natural raw material. It is not wood, it is the bark of oak. Harvesting cork has no damage to the trees themselves. The bark of cork oak has a self-regenerating process with unique sustainable development characteristics. This is why we chose cork as the raw material for our bags.




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