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What is cork?

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The history of the cork.

Where do you know about cork?  Most of us know about this material from wine bottle stopper. But actually , it can be date back from acient Egypt.  Acient Greek and Romans use this material to make floats for fishing nets, sandals, wine bottle stoppers and even personal flotation devices for fishmen. 

wine stopper

In the acient time, people use this material to build house . Why people choose to use cork to build house? Maily is because of its feature. Beacause cork can let the house keep warm in winter and  cool in summer. That can be a natural air-conditioner. Nowadays, people use cork in many areas, such as home decoration, outdoor yoga mat,  heat insulate pad, cork caps, cork bags or even cork shoes. 

The feature of the cork 

There are many kinds of raw material in the world? Why cork? Let's find the answer to this question.Cork is born by the nature. it is elastic, light wear, sound insulation and heat insulation,waterproof and skidproof , corrosion resistance , insect resistance. The most important factor  is environmental protection.   Why it is environmentally friendly?  How is cork come from? The mother tree for cork is oak tree, which ususally harvested every 20 years, then every 9 years after that.  It is undoubtedly sustainable growth. 


The bark of an oak tree, after being boiled and processed, is called " cork material". Cork raw material passes all sorts of craft to process all sorts of cork products again, be applied in the domain such as military industry, food packing, building material extensuvely.  In the future, we believe people will use more and more environmentally material to produce goods in the global market.  

We admire the natural give us such rich resources, Hoping for more and more people to join us for protect our Earth. All our products are made by cork,  all of our Kaoge Group Member beleve as time goes by, our clients will know more about our value.  In the future schedule, we may develop more products by cork. If you like our products, please share our website to your friends and feel free to contact us. 




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