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What is cork wood? How do we identify cork?

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What is cork wood? How do we identify cork?

Cork, also known as wood bolt, bolt, is a very developed plant wood thrombosis tree species of the outer skin products, stems and roots after the thick growth of the surface protection tissue. In the Spring and Autumn Period of China, cork has been recorded, ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome with cork to make fishing nets floating, cork shoes, corks and so on. The main tree species producing cork are wood cork, cork, usually 20 years or more, chest diameter is greater than 20 cm plant can be the first peeling, the resulting skin called head or raw skin;

What is cork wood? How do we identify cork?

Product Name: Cork Bag

Product characteristics: cork has a unique physical and chemical properties: natural color, non-corrosive, non-toxic tasteless, moisture-resistant, oil-resistant acid (thinning), flexible, anti-slip wear, insulation, silence shock, smoke-proof ingenuity, anti-static, no dust and other advantages.

Suitable for: place all kinds of items, miscellaneous parts. By classification can be divided into computer bags, briefcases, leisure bags, shopping bags, etc.

Although cork is used in many aspects of life, but the characteristics of cork and its unique causes of corrosion, perhaps most people do not understand. The corrosion resistance of cork is very good, for the general household requirements for wood, this feature of cork has been more than enough.




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