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What is the difference between Kaoge and other bag shop?

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What is the differece between Kaoge and other bag?

The ideal of Kaoge is to find the beauty and utility of cork material.  All of the raw material is imported from Portugal.   Why we imported from  Portugal? Because the quality of Portugal is the first class among cork industry.  All the process of making cork bag is 100% eco-friendly.  Let's look at some fetures of Kaoge's cork products.  And some terms of comparing to real leather.

cork tree

  1.   Completely recyclable and eco-friendly

    Kaoge try to find another way to replace the utility of leather. As we all know, the  leather finished products can be make to all types of things. Such as jackets , belts ,wallets, sofa and bags. But in order to get the skin of the animal, the cost of leather is to kill the cow or other meat/ skin.  While the  process of cork is totally diffeerent from the process of leather. Cork is recyclabe and just use the out layer of the oak tree. And the processing of cork products is actually eco-friendly. Even the cork forests sequester 14.7 tons of CO2 per hectare. That can be the narural effect of the oak tree it has. 


2. Light and high durability 

     All of the Kaoge products are light, most of the weight of our cork bag is less than 800 grams. Maybe you will worry about the bearing performance. That turns back to the features of cork. Cork is high durable, easy to clean, beautiful and totally green. Why cork has the feature that lether has? Once the bark is removed from the oak tree, people will steamde and boiled to grant it extra elasticity. After this process, people will cut to a sheet such as thin as paper, then cut to any shape they want. 


3. Sustainale , Natural and Fashionale

Once you know more about cork, you will love it.  


Chere from Eluxe Magazine says:

Cork is widely regarded as being one of the most ecologically friendly materials around. It’s easily recycled, completely natural, and using Cork Oak forests for industry helps prevent desertification and deforestation. Mainly harvested from Southern Europe, there is a particular Cork forest in the Iberian Peninsula that is essential to the protection of endangered species in the region.


4. Unique and stylish

Why cork is unique? Thanks to the natural of cork, each cork is different from the other. Each cork has its own ID , just like our fingerprint.  If you are boared with the normal producst, why not trying to use cork products? Maybe you will have a good feeling about this.

cork style

Okay,  above all the information compare cork to leather, believe you have a short backgroud of cork. So if you want to know more about cork. You can contact katrina, she will happy to surve people who love Kaoge's products.

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