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Why do you close when the cork harvest season rains?

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Why do you close when the cork harvest season rains?

Heavy rain falls, in the hot summer dry cork harvest season is difficult to encounter. In the cork forest in the rain, the workers are even faster. They immediately stopped the peeling work, and the freshly peeled bark was quick to go through the process about 1.5 times faster when it was sunny! Is the worker wants to finish work quickly and take more breaks? Or don't you want to get wet and get back to the factory?

Why do you close when the cork harvest season rains

In fact, forest managers point out three reasons:

Forest areas require an immediate halt to stripping on rainy days

The workers loaded so quickly that they didn't want the bark to get wet.

The forest area is dominated by soil sand and stone, and after the rain it becomes very muddy and not suitable for the workers to work in person.

Then some friends may ask, why should it stop picking and peeling bark on a rainy day?

 The bark of the cork is also called the cork, which is a plant tissue called a wood thoracic bolt in botany and is part of the girthal structure that covers the perither of the trunk. This includes tissues within the cell layer, which is chemically deposited by cork and makes the cork anti-permeable. Therefore, when the bark is just peeled off, cork sebum on the surface of the cork skin is easily washed away by rain on a rainy day, thus affecting the quality of the cork harvested the next time. Cork can synthesize waterproof cork leather, cork board, cork shoes, etc. also thanks to this layer of cork grease




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