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About Us

Shanghai Kaoge industrial co.LTD.
Shanghai KAOGE was established in Sept. 7th, 2017, a brand that focuses on natural products.
The company has a chairman, general manager, design director, designer team, marketing department, finance department, after-sales and logistics and other departments which amount to more than 50 people. The company provides cover-all service includes material development, product design, production, sales, after-sales service.
KAOGE is my company's brand, Chinese refers to materials and exquisite workmanship, design and quality.
Our products mainly include cork handbag bags, cork shoes, cork clothes, cork furniture, cork crafts and so on.
All materials are derived from nature, and can be recycled and return to nature.
We use little or even no additive during the production process. The craftsmanship is simple. Many wonderful patterns are hand-spliced.
With unique and fashionable design and without exaggerated colors, we restore the nature and innocence. We cut off the extravagant design and therefore bring a unique visual perception, as if the bags smoothly mix into nature and reveals the simple beauty.
The designers aim to explore the development of new materials and sustainable fashion, and combine the cork materials with design inspiration and ideas to create more possibilities of fashion and lifestyle.
During the production process, we devoted ourselves to building a professional production process, giving a unique and environmentally friendly surface treatment, and drafting the unique design, to make the products durable, dirt-resistant, easy to handle, waterproof, comfortable, excellent, beautiful, fashionable that can be comparable to European high-grade leather products. And this process will never cause damage to the environment. When guests get our products, they can feel that it is a unique product poured into our heart.
While we are selling products, we are delivering an idea that we can care our nature and protects our living environment while enjoying a high quality of life. We are willing to work together with our partners who share the same philosophy all over the world.




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