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  • Q Q:Will cork bags become mainstream in the future?

    A  A: We are not sure whether cork bags will  become mainstream. However, the development of bags will be towards environmental protection, which will become a trend.
  • Q Q: What is the cork bag difference from leather bag?

    A  A: The cork bag is lighter in weight than the leather bag, the leather bag is hardened with water, and the cork bag does not.
  • Q Q: Is the products of Kaoge made in China?

    A A: Yes. Our main material cork is imported from Portugal, but the processing and development of cork is made in China.
  • Q Q: How can I get the whole catalogue of Kaoge?

    A  A: Please contact katrina, she will send the electronic catalogue to your e-mail address.
  • Q Q: Who will pay the freight for products maintenance?

    A  A: Customer undertake the freight.
  • Q Q: How long is the after sales service?

    A  A: That depends on the actual situation of the product. For products that can be repaired locally, we will complete it in about two months. For overseas customers, repair time will be completed within five months. In case of special circumstances, we will communicate with you in advance.
  • Q Q: Do Kaoge have real store?

    A A: From now on , Kaoge only sells online. In the future, we will open real store, we are also looking forward that day.
  • Q Q: Where can I buy products of Kaoge?

    A A: 1. Our official website: www.
        2. Ali express Store: KAOGE Store
        3. Or e-mail our customer service staff:
  • Q Q: Which fair do Kaoge attend?

    A  A:  August .2018 - Magic Show- Las Vegas
          October .2018 - Tokyo Big Sight - Japan
          November . 2018 - The Canton fair - China
          February . 2019 - Magic Show- Las Vegas
          March .2019 - Ideal Home Show - Shanghai
          May . 2019- The Canton fair - China
  • Q Q: Can the product be placed in the sun when the product is not in use?

    A A: No. Please avoid exposure to the sun, otherwise the color will change and the surface will fade.
  • Q Q: Is there a color difference between the product image and the actual product?

    A  A: All products are taken by professional photographers. As much as possible, the photos are consistent with the real objects. Due to the difference in color between the lights and the monitors and the individual's understanding of the colors, there may be errors. Please understand that the actual products are subject to change.
  • Q Q: Can Kaoge offer invoice ?

    A A: If you want to invoice, please contact Katrina or e-mail her:
  • Q Q:Does the surface of the bag touch smooth?

    A  A: Because it is made of 100% cork, the cork itself has growth lines and spots, so the bag will have seams on the hand stitching.
  • Q Q: Does the product itself have creases?

    A A: Yes, that will be a little creases of the way of transporting coz Kaoges raw material is natural cork. But this creases do not influence using our products. 
  • Q Q: Who will undertake the delivery fee?

    A  A: All of the products of ours , Kaoge undertake the express fee.
  • Q Q: Which express do you delivery?

    A A: There are many types of express we can offer. SF express , UPS , FeDex , EMS or other customized delivery choice.
  • Q Q: Can I typing lettering / words ?

    A A: No , we do not offer this service.
  • Q Q: Does harvesting to cork damage the tree?

    A A: Not at all . When the oak tree is maturity, then the worker will harvest the outer skin.  
  • Q Q: Are Kaoge Cork products biodegradable?

    A A: Yes, all of our material is eco-friendly . And in the production process there is no waste . The waste is used for stopper. Once the products is discarded, it is decomposed completely over a period time.
  • Q Q: What is your Return Policy?

    A A:Once you received our products, you can return to us within 2 weeks. The goods must be in good condition and customer should undertake the shipping cost by yourself.




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